10 Things Everyone Should Know Before They Turn 18

At work yesterday I was surprise when a teenage girl came into the Pharmacy and did not know how to fill out a check that her mother had given her. I also found it a little odd that the mother would give her a check to fill out with out informing her how to fill it out as well. Yet, with the new technology of debit card many people are no longer writing checks.

This lead me to think what other basic tasks might she or other teenagers ( male and female ) might not be able to perform.

Here are list of ten basic things that everyone should know how to do before they turn 18 and/or move out of the their parents’ house.

1) Basic car care – including knowing how to jump your car, change a tire, add oil and/or anti-freeze. No one likes to sit on the side of the highway helpless and waiting for someone to come help them. Not only is it dangerous, it can also be expensive (tow trucks are not cheap and not to many people stop to help you out. ) Personally I carry a pint of oil and a gallon of anti-freeze in my cars because of personal experiences where I was far from home when one of my car are needed something.

2) Perform CPR & Basic First Aid – in the time of need knowing this basic skills can save someone’s life. If it was one of you love ones wouldn’t you want to know how to help them in the time of need.

3) Drive a manual transmissions – there was a time when there were only manual transmission. However now a days more cars are made as automatics so people don’t know how to drive a maunal. Once again emergency situtation are you going to be able to drive a manual if needed.

4) Be able to cook basic meals – unless you’re rich and can afford to eat out every day of the week you may need to learn how to cook at least basic meals. Your mommy isn’t always going to be there to do it for you forever.

5)  Write a check — everyone should know how to fill out a check correctly.

6) Be able to give good directions — noone likes getting lost because of someone else’s horrible directions. I know from experience its no fun when someone else is giving you directions and they seem to get you lost even though you are able to get around to most places without any problem.

7) Swim –– when most of the Earth is made up of water, you should probably at least know how to keep your head above water with the doggy paddle.

8) Know your limits when it comes to alcohol –– not knowing this can ending up in big trouble or ending in critical conditon at a hospital or even worse dead. Plus to much can lead you to do stupid things that you might have been able to do.

9) Be able to perform basic household repairs — why waste the money on basic h0me repairs when you can fix them yourself. It might be from fixing a door knob to changing a light bulb to basic painting of a room.

10) Remember Peoples Names — I know some names are hard to remember but there are simple tricks to the trade of remembering peoples name because everyone hates being called hey you…


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